Apr 202014

LuckyDog Sports was created as the host / umbrella for Fantasy Football Leagues and Contests formerly sponsored by The Good `O Boys Fantasy Football League which was established in the early 90s.

The Mission of LD Sports is to offer unique games and contests in a fair and fun environment.

LuckyDog is a not-for-profit organization. All the Entry Fees are returned to the Participants. But, starting in 2017 a $1 fee was added to the Entry Fees to cover the rising costs of maintaining the Sites, which includes hosting and graphics, 3rd-party coding, etc.

Standard and unique Fantasy Football League and Contests are offered including Traditional Football Leagues, Leagues that mimic the NFL, Leagues and Contests that have Progressive Jackpots, Leagues where you don’t have to actively participate, Post-Season Leagues and Contests, a League developed by the Owners and the newest additions – “ProBall”, a Hybrid Dynasty/Keeper League utilizing only Offensive Players and a Defense/Special Team incorporating a set of Scoring Rules that are somewhat out of the norm and MNF Squares where for about 56 cents per week you can win $50 weekly.

Everyone is invited to play. No special skills or experience is required in many of the Leagues. If you are a master, novice, interloper or a fanatic to Fantasy Football there’s a game for you. Click on the Links on the right to check `em out.

Have I mentioned that LuckyDog Sports is currently partnered with MyFantasyLeague, MFLHistory, and Playoff Computer?   Be sure to visit these partners when the need and opportunity arise.

Should you have any questions or comments send an E-Mail to the “Front Office”.  All inquires, comments and questions are normally answered within 24 hours (most likely, a lot sooner)

Lastly, you can stay on top of the going-ons with LuckyDog Sports by following me on Twitter, like me on Facebook and/or Subscribe to the intermittent newsletters and announcements (PlayBook).