Pool 33  


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The goal of Pool 33 is to have the NFL Team that scores exactly 33 Points for the current week.  The NFL Team can be the Winner or the Loser of their game.


Pool 33 is scheduled to be played the entire NFL Season (17 Weeks).  Circumstances may arise and the Contest length may be shorten to accommodate changes in the NFL Season, number of Participants, etc.


Thirty-two individuals will compete.

A Participant's First Name and Last Name Initial along with his/her City and State will be utilized to identify his/her in Pool 33.  Thus, each entrant must provide at the minimum his/her full name, a valid E-Mail Address, the City and State of Residence and a Contact (Cell) Number.

Only one entry per Household, E-Mail Address, ISP Address, etc. is allowed.

Entry Fee

A $21 Entry Fee must be paid prior to an announced Deadline which will be approximately one-week before the start of the regular NFL Season.

All Entry Fees, less any costs, (i.e., Collection and Disbursement Fees, Postage, Supplies, etc), will be returned to the Winners.

A $1.50 Discount for early payment of the Entry Fee will be given if the participant remits approximately three (3)  weeks before the start of the Season.

In the unlikely event that the Contest is not held the Entry Fee will be refunded in full less Processing Fees.

After all the 32 spots are filled and/or the Contest officially begins, no refunds will be given.

LeagueSafe will be the depository of all funds.


Prior to the start of the contest, a different NFL Team will randomly be assigned for each week to a Participant.

Each Player will have one Bye Week of the Season,  picked at random.


The first week's Jackpot will be $33 and for every week it is not won an additional $33 will be added for the following week.

Once won, the Jackpot will start over.

The final week's Jackpot will be adjusted to reflect the remaining balance.


If during the Season two or more NFL Teams have a score of 33 Points then the current Jackpot will distributed equally to the Players who are tied.

If in the final week (17) there is no winner the Jackpot will be divided evenly between:

  1. The Players who have the Teams who's individual game has a combined (versus each other) score of 33 Points. (i.e., Cowboys  23 and Ravens 10).
  2. If there is more than one pair of NFL Teams that have a combined score of 33 Points, each Player will receive an equal share of the remaining Jackpot.
  3. It's possible in the final week that there may not be any NFL Games where the total combined points of the two competing NFL Teams equals 33 Points and in this instance, the Jackpot will be shared equally between:

    1. The Participant who's NFL Team is closest to 33 Points without going over and
    2. The Participant who's NFL Team is closest to 33 Points that exceeded 33 Points.
    3. In the event that are two or more Participants tied in either the above or below categories, the 50% portion for the category will be equally divided among the tied teams.

Administrative Fees (New)

To offset the costs (3rd Party Coding and Gaphics, Hosting, Domain, Discounts, etc.),  incurred by the Administrator $1 will be deducted from the Entry Fees and paid to the Administrator.

Terms and Agreement

Personal information will not be distributed to any 3rd party without the consent of a Participant.

Participants grant permission to the administrator to contact them regarding other Leagues/Contests.

Circumstances may arise during the contest that have not been addressed or need clarification.  In such instances, changes may or may not be made by the 'Referee' (administrator).  Final decisions will be based on fairness, the original intent and what is in the best interest of the majority of Players and the contest.  In every case, the final decision will rest with Referee.

Payment of the Entry Fee constitutes acceptance of these Terms, Rules and Procedures.

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